SISLtech is a company specialized in the design and implementation of advanced control systems within the three-pronged framework of water, energy and waste.


Constant innovation in technological solutions and the experience provided by our background in the sector have enabled SISLtech to become a market leader in control systems with over 100 installations worldwide.


Our position as market leaders ensures that we take responsibility for the trust placed in us by our clients since 2009 to provide more advanced hi-tech solutions to optimize the following processes:


· Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

· Anaerobic sludge co-digestion and cogeneration.


Currently provides services worldwide through its network of offices and international partners..


leaders in advanced control and intelligent systems

Industrial wastewater treatment


Systems engineering

SISLtech -  Xaloc 1, 2nd floor – 08150 Parets del Vallès (Barcelona – Spain)

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