SISLtech uses R+D+i as a tool for the continuous improvement of its solutions, and to identify and meet our clients’ needs.

The company origin, closely tied to the research done in the Laboratori d’Enginyeria Química i Ambiental (University of Girona) and the Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning Group (Technical University of Catalonia), together with a firm commitment to innovation of SISLtech, have enabled to position itself at the forefront of the different hi-tech developments in the sector.

SISLtech invests at least 10% of its annual turnover in the development of unique high added-value solutions within the three-pronged framework of water, energy and waste. At the same time, SISLtech has also opened its doors to other fields, transferring its knowledge and experience in the design and development of advanced control and intelligent systems for process optimization.

All this innovation activity is carried out in the Company’s R+D+i Department, with the support of the entire multi-disciplinary team working at SISLtech and in collaboration with research centres, universities, public organizations and private companies for the development of these R+D+I innovation projects.

“ Innovation  = Invention + Commercialisation ”

[Kenneth Morse]


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